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What is Wrench Ease

The Propane Tank Easy-Wrench is designed for opening stubborn propane tank handles commonly found on travel trailers, backyard barbeques, outdoor patio heaters and thousands of other outdoor appliances.

The Propane Tank Easy-Wrench fits all OPD (overfill prevention device) approved handles on portable propane cylinders, and provides a safe, insulated, non-slip grip that greatly eases opening sticky and hard-to-reach propane tank handles. The typical propane tank spends years exposed to weather extremes. Whether in the backyard, campground or on the road, years of use take a toll on propane tank valves and make them difficult to operate. Often tanks mounted on RV’s are shrouded, which makes reaching and turning the gas valve handle difficult. Small, bright green and nearly indestructible, the Easy-Wrench is designed to outlast your propane tank, and protect your hands from the sharp edges found on many tank handles. Read More...